A Short Video Guide to Freezing, Flooding, and Dissociation in TRE

TRE Freezing Flooding Dissociating from Steve Haines on Vimeo.

David Berceli has developed a very simple framework to help self-regulation in TRE. Here Steve Haines, TRE Certified Trainer, discusses ‘Freezing, Flooding, and Dissociation’.

Anything going to quick or anything going to slow with a sense of disappearing is a sign to put the brakes on and stop the tremors.

NEW: More London TRE groups with Cheda Mikic

The groups have proved very popular over the last couple of years. I am pleased to announce that there will now be approximately two groups a month. Cheda Mikic, Level II TRE Trainer, will be running the extra groups.


I know Cheda well as a craniosacral therapy colleague and more recently in the TRE field. He has a huge experience in the field of alternative medicine. He has run successful TRE groups in Italy and will now be spending more time in London. I can highly recommend his work.

You can access his biography here: TRE Trainers

You can see the new schedule here: London Groups

The new dates with Cheda are below.

11th March
15th April
13th May
17th June
22nd July

Great video on dissociation in animals

NEW: Dates set up for monthly London TRE groups to end of 2013

I have booked the new dates for the monthly TRE groups in London. The dates run through to the end of 2013.  You can see the full list here

The next group is on Monday 10th December 2012. Please email to book a place.

TRE and Fascia: New Video from David Berceli

Freeze response in a kid goat?

Click on the image above or use the original link:

This is a great video of a baby goat going into something similar to a freeze response. Notice how stiff its back legs go after being scared.

Stiffness coming into a limb is a sign the person is freezing and going too quickly when they are tremoring. Mobilise the person (get them to move and activate their limbs) and/or socially engage the person (ask them to make eye contact, ask them a question) to help bring them out of the immobilisation/ freeze response.

TRE in Traditional Culture

Lovely video of TRE in a traditional cultural setting, I think in Brazil, but not sure. There is a nice description in the commentary of integrating a spiritual journey into the TRE process.

A novel way to start tremors from Indonesia?

Wild video of people on train tracks in Indonesia. Not quite sure what to make of it, but some of the movements people make are very similar to those you see when people do TRE.

New Video from David Berceli working with Columbian Army

David has uploaded loads of new videos on youtube, this one is very good, there are lots more to check out. He gets around and sets up amazing stuff.

Child shaking at her first deer hunt

A slightly bizarre video if you are not used to hunting. However it is a great demonstration of trusting the body’s natural tremors in response to the adrenaline surge of this young girls first deer hunt.

The person who posted the video calls the shaking an ‘adrenaline dump’ in the written comment on youtube. That is as good a description as I have heard of why we shake. The person shooting the video does a great job of making the response of shaking really normal and safe. Following Stephen Porges we could say the social engagement he offers helps allow the young girl to feel safe to shake.

(Thanks to Ciara Ni Dhiomasaigh, biodynamic craniosacral therapist from Galway, for sending me the link)